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Site Visualizer is a website crawling tool that visualizes a website's structure and shows a site as a set of pages and their outbound and inbound links. The data can be presented in tabular form, and also as a visual sitemap, a report, or an XML sitemap.

The software is intended for webmasters and SEO specialists, and also for anyone who wants to analyze their own or someone else's website, view its link structure (including images, CSS and JS links), check for errors and duplicate content, and so on. The program's core advantages over other site crawlers are as follows:

Visual Sitemap Generation

The program visualizes a site's structure by automatically drawing it as a set of pages and links, which can be saved to an image file. An example is available here.

Your Own SEO Analytics

If you haven't found some analytics that you need among the predefined reports, you can write your own report using SQL (or you can ask us to do it for you, no charge).

Complete Look at On-Page SEO

Convenient division of all crawled URLs into pages and links allows you to view a website's pages, their metrics and content values (title, meta tags, lengths in characters, word and link count, size, etc.) separate from its outbound and inbound links and their parameters (content MIME type, response code, link anchor and type, etc.). You can easily export any data to an MS Excel, or a CSV file.

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