User-Defined Reports

This unique feature allows you to create your own report: you're able to count any information you need in any point of view related to on-page SEO. The only two things you'll need are knowledge of SQL and Site Visualizer's database.

If you don't want to write your report by yourself - just contact us, we'll make it for you absolutely for FREE. Describe what data you need, how the report should look like, etc. We'll compose the report's source code in SQL and send it to you.

Click New... command of the Report menu item, or the report tree's context menu. In the dialog appears, fill out the fields:

  • Name - name of the report will be used in the report tree.
  • Author - author of the report (optional field).
  • Description - short desription of the report (will be shown in the tooltip of the report).
  • SQL - text of the report written in SQL. Example is available here.

On-page SEO report

Click OK button to create the report and place it to the report tree under Custom Reports sub-tree.