Site Reports

The next core feature of Site Visualizer is report generation, as well as the ability to create your custom reports and modify the existing ones. This allows you to track possible errors on your site: check 404-links and external links, find duplicate headers and titles, empty anchors or image ALT text, etc. To execute a report, double-click an item of the report tree at the left side of the Reports tab, or click the Run Report button:


Hover the mouse cursor above a report in the tree to see its description in a tooltip.

Context Menu: Copy and Export Data, etc.

Right-clicking a report table will open its context menu with the following commands:

  • Copy (Ctrl+C) – copy the selected cell's value to the clipboard.
  • Copy Rows – copy the selected rows to the clipboard.
  • Copy Rows with Headers – copy the selected rows and column headers. This command is very useful when you need to insert the data into an Excel sheet.
  • Select All (Ctrl+A) – select all rows of the table.

To quickly sort a table, click a column title. The table will be sorted by that column in ascending order. Another click on the same column title will produce sorting in descending order.

To see a report's SQL text, click the Edit... button. This is useful if you want to create a custom report.

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