Link Reports

This subtree contains reports related to the crawled website links:

All links

  • All Links – this report contains all links of any types: internal and external <A> links to pages and files, references to images and other files, etc.
  • Internal Links – the same data (columns) as in the All Links report, but only internal links are present in the report (rows).
  • External Out Links – similar to the All Links report, but contains only external outbound links (links to other domains).
  • Anchor Occurrences – the number of occurrences of every link anchor text among other link anchors.
  • Blocked by robots.txt – shows URLs disallowed by the website's robots.txt file. First column contains blocked URL address, the second one contains the line number and the matched disallow rule of the robots.txt file. Please don't forget to turn the option on before you start crawl a website.

Link anchor occurrences

URLs blocked by robots